About Us

VaprSpot is owned and operated by US Navy Retired Chief, Louis Rodgers.  A former 27 year smoker,  it took a vacation to San Diego and the purchase of my first e-cig that finally got me off cigarettes.  It was my unsuccessful attempts to trying quitting traditional methods that sold me on vaping as the future of alternative methods to get away from cigarettes.  And that is what led to the start of VaprSpot: the passion to help as many people possibly to make the switch to vaping. 

Today, I am extremely excited that VaprSpot has met the needs of thousands of customers over the years and it is with that excitement that I want to continue for as long as I can to maintain the quality service we diligently strive to give all our customers.

I do not promote vaping as a smoking cessation program but definitely as an alternative to analogue cigaretts.


Louis Rodgers and the VaprSpot Team!